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Jiangxi Kai'an Intelligent Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangxi Kai'an Copper Industry) Co., Ltd. is located in Longhushan, the birthplace of Taoism in China's scenic spots, at 320 National Road, Guixi Economic Park, Jiangxi Province. The registered capital of the company is 85 million yuan, covering an area of 209 mu. It belongs to high-tech enterprises, provincial technology centers, provincial top 100 private enterprises, large-scale copper products intensive processing enterprises. Welcome the broad masses of people with lofty ideals to join the company.
1, 10 general practitioners 30 to 50 years old 2600 yuan / month
2. Ten apprentices, aged 20-45, have a 2-month probation of 2,600 yuan per month. After the expiration of the probation period, their salaries will be adjusted according to their skills.
3. One warehouse keeper (limited female) aged 25-35 years old, with high school education, computer literacy, salary of 2500 yuan / month, skilled workers preferred
4. One statistician, 25-45 years old and above, knows computer well. The salary is 3000-4000 yuan/month. Skilled worker or assistant accounting certificate is preferred.
5. 1 (female) high school students have computer literacy, salary is 2600 yuan / month, skilled worker is preferred.
6. Some skilled workers are interviewed for salary (stoker, miller, pickling, finishing shear, extrusion, drawing)
The company provides free accommodation, meals, company subsidies 50%, and social endowment insurance.
Contact: Director Li, telephone number: 15007018178


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Address: Guixi Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province
Sales hotline:86-701-3711666